Imaginary Films is the feature film and television company founded by Hollywood writer/producer Nickolas Barris. Nickolas Barris has developed and/or written over 40 feature films and over a 100 hours of Prime-Time U.S. Network Television. It is estimated that over 100,000,000 people have watched film and television projects developed by Nickolas Barris. Nickolas Barris is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Nickolas Barris' vision for Imaginary Films is to use the global reach & visual power of film and television to tell stories that enrich, illuminate, and challenge the human spirit.

The following are projects developed and/or written by Nickolas Barris which seek to encompass this vision:

"Sue Thomas: FB EYE" -- This is a global television series (Sony studios co-productions) based on the true life events of Sue Thomas, a deaf FBI agent. The dramatic series chronicles Sue's triumphant spirit as she uses her world class lip-reading skills to help the FBI, inspiring most she meets along the way. The series has aired in over 50 countries

"Bonus Time" -- This is an international feature film project in development based upon the acclaimed European thriller. The novel reveals how billions looted by the Nazis are still corrupting today's world of high finance. The screenplay explores the world of financial corruption, illegitimate bonuses, and how a modern rogue trader unmasks those still using looted Nazi billions for evil.

"The Congo Commodity" -- This is an international feature film project in development that explores the global imperial forces that ignite war within The Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a common day morality tale about greed and exploitation based on current world events and historical research.

"And then there was Hope..." -- This is a two hour dramatic project highlighting how dolphin assisted therapy can transform the lives of disabled children. Based on the award winning documentary produced by Nickolas Barris, this story illuminates a mother's passion to give her child abundant life and how nature's symbiotic relationship between man and dolphins produces physical and emotional healing.